East West Educational Consulting

Our mission is to position schools as strategic leaders in
education by implementing innovative, research-based         practices, principles, and programs.

Our vision for education:

Education should be about inspiring curiosity and a lifelong love of learning, creating educational opportunities that empower students to pursue their interests through sophisticated projects, inquiry, and experiential opportunities.

What we do:

We help you position your school as a leader in its market for innovation and excellence.
We provide varied formats of professional development to help your staff to understand and implement high quality, rigorous, and differentiated project-based learning and 21st century skills. We strive for real-world relevance in project design so that students experience their ability to have a positive impact on their community. Projects can be easily adapted to test-oriented and textbook-driven cultures to enhance students’ experience and foster a lifelong love of learning. We help your staff to envision education that truly prepares students for the 21st century and that leverages new technologies in sensible ways.
We examine your school’s unique programmatic and operational strengths and weaknesses.  We conduct competitive intelligence to identify external opportunities and threats to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your school’s position vis à vis cross application schools. We help you to identify the most fruitful paths to pursue in your effort to carry our your mission and ensure organizational sustainability.



Setting the Course for Independent Secondary Schools In the 21st Century
by Carolyn Kost


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What high school students and their families need to know about college selection, application, and admissions
by Frank Don and Carolyn Kost


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Engaged Education



Entrepreneurship as an Essential Skill for the 21st Century Skill: Help students to take charge of their lives and learning, think critically, communicate more effectively, become self-starters, and thrive in the new economy


Setting the Course for 21st Century Education